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Terms of Service (7/25/2024)

1. Users of the site are bound by the following terms of service, which may be changed anytime at the sole discretion of the site. The latest version and date will be posted on this site. Continued usage of the service implies acceptance of the TOS.

2. This service allows users to send and receive email messages. From now on both the sender and recipient will be called "the user", and the site will be called "the site".

3. The content of the messages do not reflect the views of the site. Per the communications decency act of 1996, the site will NOT read, scan, monitor, alter, or filter any text messages, and all message content is the sole responsibility of the sender, even if it is offensive or objectionable.

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5. Additionally, while we currently do not do so, The site reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to add promotional messages and/or notices about the Service, the Site or related matters in all or some of the messages transmitted. We will not, however, send additional messages with any of this information.

6. A user may not (in any way whatsoever) use the service to transmit: Spam, junk email, bulk email, promotions, or other solicitations. Content that includes any advertising or marketing materials. Content that may be deemed unlawful, threatening, harassing, racist, abusive, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, indecent, or otherwise inappropriate, including any messages constituting or encouraging criminal conduct. Content that violates or infringes on the legal rights or copyrights of others. Viruses, worms, bugs, or any other computer code that may harm a network, server, computer, software, hardware, or telephone equipment.

7. A user also agrees not to use the service to attempt to or stalk another person or impersonate another person or entity.

8. The site may (at it's discretion) establish general limits concerning number of (or frequency of) messages sent.

9. The site reserves the right to hand over to law enforcement, the information of those found to be in violation of these TOS (upon proper subpoena).

10. The service is not intended for time critical, lifesaving, investing, or other "important" messages and the site shall not be responsible or liable for any decisions, actions, or events based on text messages, or the failure of delivery of any text messages.

Can someone send an email from my account without my password?

No! (But they can fake it..) Think of email just like regular postal mail. When you send a letter you write the address you are sending it to on the envelope. You also write where it's coming from - the return address. When someone sends an email, it's just like regular mail - they can write whatever 'return-address' they want.

When the person gets the email they'll see what was written - it doesn't mean it came from that address of course.. This type of email abuse is called "spoofing" - and it's become fairly common. If you have a domain that spammers want to hide-behind, there not much you can do to stop it - but don't worry about someone actually using your account to send spam. We have an automated system that constantly monitors the email traffic to and from our servers, and anything that looks like spam is blocked immediately - and the owner of the account is notified.

Just like a letter gets postmarked when it is sent through the mail - your email has "headers" that keep track of where the email has been. Headers are usually hidden by your email program since they take are fairly technical, but with some effort you can decode them and possibly see where the the spam actually came from. For more about headers read the article "How can I trace where email came from?" on sendemail.in